Consolidating Wave, Wind and Tidal Power Technology - 30/01/2012

The newly-established Norwegian renewable energy company STRAUM merges three technology environments in a move towards becoming a leading supplier of wave, tidal and ocean wind power technology. STRAUM believes that consolidation is the key to success.


"Norway has a strong history of developing world-class offshore and hydropower technologies. This is a unique platform to develop marine renewable energy systems from, and a competitive advantage we believe now is materialised in STRAUM," says CEO Harald Østerberg. Through consolidation, the company gathers expertise and financial strength to break through in the global market. He sees synergies connected to technology development and commercialisation.


The CEO is supported by the privately owned Norwegian investment company NLI Utvikling, with extensive experience from the Norwegian offshore and hydropower industry.


STRAUM is located with four offices in Norway. The ambition is to establish a local presence in key markets such as US, UK and China within the next year.



Last updated: 27/02/2018