CUBE Terrain Modelling - 20/01/2005

Developed by Brian Calder of University New Hampshire, CUBE is a combined terrain modelling, data cleaning and data reduction software for use as a processing tool for high density multi-beam echo sounder data sets. CUBE will estimate the depth at predefined grid node points, making use of all available soundings in the vicinity of the node. The output of the process is a set of depth values at grid node locations, rather than ‘approved soundings’, and performs a radical reduction of the amount of data needed to represent a seabed surface which has been surveyed by a high resolution instrument such as the EM 3002. The processing is highly automated, and the overall processing time required for high density data sets can be reduced by a factor of up to 40. In cases where CUBE detects severe misalignments between 2 survey lines, 2 results will be reported and it will be up to the surveyor to decide what to do. CUBE is now available as an option to the SIS processing software.

Last updated: 12/08/2020