Current Profiler Shallow Water - 08/12/2005

OSIL has recently supplied several SonTek Argonaut-XR (Extended Range) Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers for use in projects where shallow-water current monitoring is required. The Argonaut XR is specifically designed for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, port or near-shore in less than 40m depth of water. It has a multi-cell current profiling feature that includes special mode which automatically adjusts one of the measurement cells for changing water-level. This means that the Argonaut-XR can adjust measurement volume height to report depth-averaged velocity over the entire water column, or over a user-programmable range (even with tide variation).
The Argonaut XR is suitable for both real-time operation and autonomous deployment. The system includes external battery pack, internal recorder, compass/tilt sensor, pressure sensor, and temperature sensor. The flexibility of the XR means that it can easily be converted to a full data-collection system with the addition of options such as non-directional wave package, or multi-parameter water quality probe.

Last updated: 28/01/2021