DP Software Package - 18/12/2008

Veripos has introduced Verify DPx, a status monitoring and display software package specifically designed for dynamic positioning applications. The package operates in conjunction with Veripos LD3 integrated mobile units and is available as standard within a compact 15-inch touch screen panel PC. It can also be supplied to run on customers' own hardware.


The system provides quality control supported by high-resolution graphic displays via simplified touch screen controls. Screen displays in turn provide continuous QC information using Veripos' traffic light system which enables users to monitor positional and system performance status continuously. A key feature also is a 12-hour satellite prediction tool that is updated every 5 minutes which can be used for planning when critical vessel operations are undertaken using satellite positioning.


Other features include a continuous 48-hour historical logging facility for automatic retention of  position provided to DP systems as well as raw satellite observations and received service data.  Information can be analysed using a complementary Verify QC package providing a detailed account of vessel station-keeping and satellite service availability within the 48 hour period.


Over 20 Verify DPx packages have already been commissioned by users worldwide. They include Rolls-Royce Marine in Norway, Zamil Offshore in Saudi Arabia and Cotemar in Mexico.



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