Dual-frequency 24-bit Chirp Transceiver

Dual-frequency 24-bit Chirp Transceiver

Falmouth Scientific (FSI, USA) has announced a new addition to its sub-bottom systems product line – a true 24-bit CHIRP sub-bottom profiling transceiver. The FSI HMS-622 CHIRPceiver and its associated transducers and arrays is developed to fulfil a wide range of survey needs.

The HMS-622 is available in dual and single frequency configurations, and supports three frequency bands: standard LF (1KHz-10KHz), as well as optional ULF (200Hz-2KHz) and HF (8KHz-23KHz). A direct A/D input is available for the FSI Bubble Gun or other seismic systems, and it has an industry-standard Ethernet interface for data and control signals.

The HMS-622 CHIRPceiver rounds out the FSI sub-bottom system product line which includes the Bubble Gun Family of portable seismic systems, hull mounted transducers, arrays, and preamplifiers for deep water survey applications, and other customisable solutions.

Falmouth Scientific offers other sensor-based products such the PLUS Family of current, wave, and tide meters; rugged and portable side scan sonar imaging systems; solutions for drilling and vortex induced vibration monitoring; and other acoustics-based underwater instrumentation. Service areas include custom design, development, integration, and production of marine systems and acoustic transducers; and value-added services such as prototyping, product assembly, encapsulation, calibration, and pressure testing.