Dynamic Positioning System for Inland Vessels - 18/07/2017

Recently RH Marine successfully commissioned the Rhodium 4500 Dynamic Positioning and Tracking System on the new flagship of Hakkers. Dynamic positioning for inland multipurpose vessels is complex since these ships have to take a variety of movements, loading conditions and currents into account. Therefore dynamic positioning is quite new and unexplored in this market. RH Marine integrated the Rhodium DPT4500 system on board to help Hakkers maximise the operational capabilities together with sister company Radio Holland who supplied and installed the navigational sensors. 

Thanks to the flexibility of the Rhodium DPT4500 system, the challenging thruster configuration and inland specific circumstances were mastered. After a short commissioning exercise and familiarisation the crew was impressed with the performance.

Hakkers is a specialist in the development, production and realization of excavation, dredging, construction, foundation, coastal and shoreline works. This inland multipurpose vessel can be used for lifting, dredging or pile driving. The ship (Noordzee) required a system that could automatically hold position and maintain track with high accuracy on low speed, which is helpful to optimize their operations.

Last updated: 27/11/2020