East Carolina University Orders LOPC - 30/12/2009

ODIM Brooke Ocean has received an order for the delivery of an ODIM LOPC to the Department of Biology, Institute for Coastal Science and Policy East Carolina University. The LOPC will be used by Dave Kimmel, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy’s Biology Department, for high spatial and temporal resolution in the study of zooplankton distribution in coastal and estuarine waters.

The ODIM LOPCTM is the next generation in plankton profiling. The LOPC’s high-speed processing and improved detection plane provides detection counts at higher resolutions and higher concentrations with lower coincidence. The system can be installed on various towbody scenarios as well as on the ODIM MVP multi-sensor free-fall fish, enabling vertical real-time water column profiling while underway at speeds up to 12 knots.



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