Echo Sounder Calibration Tool - 26/10/2012

HydroBar is a hydrographic tool for calibrating survey echo sounders during field surveys. A real-time sound velocimeter is combined with a sonar target (‘bar’) and Windows-based software which can run on a PC in the background of Hypack, HydroPro or other hydrographic software.

In CAST (Profile) mode, an integral depth sensor enables the HydroBar to display and record sound velocity and temperature vs. depth. All data will be stored in a .VEL file for direct input into Hypack.

In BAR CHECK mode, the software menu guides the user through simple steps to perform a bar check. Data is stored in your PC which automatically handles all calculations. The sound velocity at each bar depth, independent of the sound velocimeter, is calculated to provide an added level of confidence in the sound velocimeter readings. The computed average sound velocity over the water column is also provided along with computed transducer depth (draft) and system error/index.

Operation in either mode is totally controlled via a PC keypad. Other than plugging the HydroBar's cable termination into your laptop or tablet PC's USB port, no external wiring or power is required. No separate data wiring is required to your PC as HydroBar's data streams directly into the PC via the single power/signal cable supplied.

Last updated: 05/03/2020