Echoview Software releases new hydroacoustic data management tool

Echoview Software releases new hydroacoustic data management tool

Echoview Software, a leading provider of innovative solutions for hydroacoustic data management, recently released Echoexplore 4, a tool for cataloguing large numbers of hydroacoustic files effortlessly. The solution is trusted by scientists, researchers, commercial fishers and other aquatic professionals globally.

Echoexplore identifies compatible echosounder and sonar data files on a local computer or local network, extracts metadata then creates a convenient spatial catalogue that allows users to browse the data that has been located. Whether searching for specific hydroacoustic datasets, sorting and browsing through lists or maps or filtering based on parameters such as geographical position, date, time, hardware model, pulse duration, transmitted power and more, Echoexplore simplifies hydroacoustic data file management.

75 echosounder and sonar models

Brett Merritt, CEO of Echoview Software, said: “Echoexplore 4 showcases our commitment to empowering users with streamlined and efficient acoustic data analysis and management. With exciting new features and enhanced functionality, this latest update underscores our commitment to providing effective solutions that unlock the full potential of hydroacoustic data. Our team has been working hard on a range of updates, including expanded file format support, streamlined licensing and accelerated data access through file indexing.”

Echoexplore 4 introduces several key highlights. It now supports a significantly expanded range of file formats compared to earlier releases, allowing users to scan, sort and catalogue data from over 75 echosounder and sonar models. Additionally, the new version offers expanded licensing with new software licence activation and management options.

Echoview Software has also introduced updates for its flagship product, Echoview, and the Survey Suite licensing option, alongside the release of Echoexplore 4. The Survey Suite is designed to facilitate the collection, visualization, markup and cataloguing of echosounder and sonar data both in the field and in the office. The updates include support for more file formats and the ability to subscribe to Kongsberg’s REST API for EK80-based systems using Echolog, allowing users to modify the data viewed and processed in Echoview during real-time operations while still recording raw data files at their original resolution and size.

Echoexplore 4 hydroacoustics data management software suite. (Image courtesy: Echoview Software)
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