EdgeTech Launches New Sidescan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiling System

EdgeTech Launches New Sidescan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiling System

EdgeTech, one of the leading companies in high-resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, has recently introduced a new combined tri-frequency sidescan sonar and high-resolution sub-bottom profiling sonar system.

The 2050-DSS is a tri-frequency sidescan sonar system, where any two, operator selectable, frequencies can be operated simultaneously. The system can be provided with either a 120, 410 & 850kHz towfish, or a 230, 540 & 850kHz towfish. Both towfish options are equipped with a 2–16kHz sub-bottom profiler that utilizes a PVDF panel receive hydrophone. Use of an area-based receive hydrophone panel provides improved beam patterns and therefore improved signal to noise ratios, which in turn means cleaner data for the operators.

Cable, Pipeline and Dredging Surveys

The 2050-DSS comes complete with a combined towfish, digital telemetry that runs over a single coaxial cable, a 19-inch rack mount topside interface, and EdgeTech’s DISCOVER acquisition software. The 2050-DSS can be integrated with several auxiliary sensors such as a magnetometer and USBL responder. Additionally, an interface is fitted to the electronics so that the electronics and sensors can be mounted onto an ROV. The 2050-DSS is ideal for applications such as cable and pipeline surveys, marine construction surveys, pre- and post-dredging surveys and more.

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