Efficient Marine Navigation through Understanding Environmental Conditions - 18/07/2007

ARGOSS and WL Delft Hydraulics, together with research and maritime industrial parties in Singapore have started a strategic cooperation to develop satellite altimeter enabled services to improve ocean and coastal current forecasting and to develop a new generation of maritime decision support systems onboard of vessels.

The project is coordinated by ARGOSS and will take approximately three years.

By improving ocean and coastal current nowcasting and forecasting the newly to be developed services will contribute to safety at sea, fuel efficiency and so help to preserve our environment.

ARGOSS is an innovative metocean company developing and providing metocean services based on satellite observations and models. WL | Delft Hydraulics is an independent foundation for advanced research and specialized consultancy and has a wide experience in oceanography, hydraulics and the tailored modeling of environmental processes.

Last updated: 27/02/2018