Environmental Information For Passengers - 29/01/2007

The new Chelsea AquaLine FerryBox is a generic, robust environmental monitoring system for ships of opportunity such as ferries, cargo vessels, cruise liners as well as inland waterway vessels. Already proven internationally it provides real-time information for operators, passengers and managers on the environmental state of the surface waters through which the vessel passes.

The AquaLine Ferrybox System has been designed to ensure that installation within commercial vessels can be easily achieved with little or no impact on the vessel’s primary objective. The system’s modular design ensures that parts can be installed quickly and with minimum effort. The system requires a minimum of maintenance. Data is logged onboard and then transmitted to shore by GSM phone links and satellite systems.

Real-time display of sea surface data, together with explanatory information, is viewed on screens throughout the ship giving enhanced passenger information. The same display also provides passengers with a map of their position on route, allowing them to visually assess the remaining time for their journey. 

Chelsea Technologies Group will be holding a workshop on the AquaLine FerryBox system together with other products at Ocean Business 2007, during 27-29 March at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. This event will provide delegates with an opportunity to actually test-drive the equipment and systems. To reserve a place contact Ellen Keegan.

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