ESRI Mapping Center Improving Maps - 10/07/2007

ESRI has launched Mapping Center, a new website that helps users learn about cartographic concepts and best practices for mapmaking with ArcGIS. The site is designed to provide quick answers to mapmaking problems. Site visitors will find information and sample maps displaying a wide variety of cartographic techniques and effects along with tips and instructions on how to reproduce the featured effects on their own maps.


The application aims to encourage ArcGIS users to employ the same concepts when using geographic information system software that professional cartographers do when making maps. ESRI thus identifies and supports members of the community of GIS users making maps, and cartographers using GIS in their work, by offering instructions, providing links to other resources, and providing a forum for them to share information and ask questions related to mapping with GIS.


Whether seeking help showing coastlines and boundaries on a thematic map, advice designing custom symbols and labels on a locator map, recommendations for using specific styles and fonts to create antique or historical-looking maps, or simply suggestions for choosing color ramps and tinting schemes, mapmakers at all levels of experience will find answers and assistance. In addition to the sample maps section with associated descriptions of special cartographic effects, Mapping Center visitors will find other resources including a Blog, ArcGIS Resources, Ask a Cartographer and Other Resources like links to publications, conference presentations, and ESRI training courses as well as a collection of Cartographers' Favorites providing links to other cartography-related Web sites, forums, blogs, professional organizations, academic and scientific journals, and a list of suggested textbooks for further reading and research.


Last updated: 17/01/2021