Fastrax Announces New Familiy of iTrax03-02 OEM GPS Receivers - 12/09/2005

Fastrax Ltd. announced the new iTrax03-02 line of receivers, featuring ultra-low power consumption and state-of-the-art functionality, yet designed with the same form factor as the company's older iTrax02 receivers.
The Fastrax iTrax03-02 combines the technology of the iTrax03 family with iTrax02 mechanical format and connectivity. This allows existing products using iTrax02 OEM GPS receivers to be easily updated for lower power consumption and improved iSuite firmware performance.
The new iTrax03-02 uses 30 mW less power than the earlier iTrax02. The iTrax03-02 receiver has a tracking sensitivity of as low as -153 dBm, making it suitable for extremely demanding applications and environments.
The iTrax03-S is fully programmable with the Fastrax iSuite 3 Software Development Kit (SDK). The programmability of the receiver, along with its 8 or 16 Mbit flash memory, allows custom applications to be executed on the receiver's baseband processor, eliminating the need for separate CPU and memory chips. Furthermore, the firmware and application code can be upgraded remotely when necessary.
iTrax03-02 main features include:
- iTrax02 compatible mechanics and connectivity
- small form factor: 25.9 mm x 25.9 mm x 4.6 mm
- low power consumption: 100mW @ 2.8V
- very high sensitivity: -153 dBm (Tracking)
- iTALK 3 and NMEA0183 protocols
- Kalman Navigation
- supports remote firmware updating
- data logger (up to 70,000 lat/lon data points with 16Mbit flash)
- A-GPS support
- versatile interface ports
- support for iSUITE(tm) 3 Software Development Kit
- WAAS/EGNOS support (4Q2005)
- 1 PPS support (4Q2005)

Last updated: 27/11/2020