Field-swappable Sound Velocity Sensor - 06/03/2008

Applied Microsystems (AML) announces the launch of SV-Xchange - the world's only exchangeable, field-swappable sound velocity sensor. Any SV-Xchange sensor can be connected to any Xchange enabled instrument without compromising calibration accuracy.


At time of recalibration, spare calibrated sensors can be shipped to the instrument, allowing the instrument to stay in the field. Recalibrated sensors can be scheduled for just-in-time delivery, eliminating the headache of managing calibration expiry dates. The small sensors - not heavy instruments - can travel to and from the factory, thus saving shipping costs and brokerage fees. Damaged or out-of-calibration sensors can be swapped for field-ready spares on board the survey vessel.


Oceanology International 2008 will be the public launch of this exciting new product and Applied Microsystems invites you to stop by Booth 604 to view an SV-Xchange demonstration.


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