Finnmark Platform 3D Multi-client Project Started - 12/03/2013

Dolphin Geophysical, in partnership with Searcher Seismic, is executing the 1,407 sq km non-exclusive 3D MC seismic project on the Finnmark Platform, Barents Sea, Norway. Processing has commenced in Dolphin's UK Centre using its proprietary OpenCPS software. The processing sequence has been designed to enhance the imaging of the primary Jurassic targets located at around 1sec TWT.

The processing will also focus on providing improved definition of the deeper Triassic and Permian Clastics.

A full suite of deliverables will be produced during the processing.

With planned infrastructure in Veidnes outside Honningsvåg in Finnmark announced by Statoil, the survey area is receiving a renewed interest from industry. Therefore, these data will be available for participating companies from Q3 or earlier in preparation for the Norwegian 23rd round nomination process. Additional pre-funding clients will be welcome prior to the end of March.

Last updated: 26/02/2020