First Orders ATLAS System - 19/11/2004

ATLAS Hydrographic has received first orders for two of its new hull-mounted Parasound DS-3 parametric multi-beam sub-bottom profiling and bathymetric surveying system providing bottom penetration in excess of 200m while sampling data at up to 50kHz frequency over depths down to 11,000m.
The first system is to be fitted to Maria S Merian, the new German research vessel being built by Kroeger Werft at its Rendburg yard under a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education & Research in association with the states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. The €55 million vessel is due to begin service early next year, based at the Baltic Sea Research Institute in Warnemunde. Its Parasound DS-3 system will also be supported by an Atlas Parastore-3 software suite, an advanced visualisation, acquisition and processing facility for scientific analyses developed by ATLAS Hydrographic in collaboration with the University of Bremen’s Department of Marine Technology & Environmental Research.
The second Parasound DS-3 system is being commissioned for installation aboard the Alfred Wegener Institute’s double-hulled polar research icebreaker, Polarstern. Also capable of automatic acquisition of data for a wide range of bottom slopes, it will replace the vessel’s present DS-2 model.

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