First Parametric ROV Echosounder - 11/11/2003

Adaptation has begun of the Innomar Technologie SES-2000 parametric echosounder for use on ROVs. The advanced sounder functions with a pencil-thin acoustic beam that is a highly effective tool in penetrating mud and sediment to provide high resolution sub-bottom profiles. Aquadyne is project-managing the work of Innomar and DeepOcean in developing the first parametric echosounder capable of deployment on an ROV down to 2,000 metres. The development is being initiated as part of a contract that DeepOcean holds with Statoil and, as project manager, Aquadyne responsibilities also include raising finance for the work. Completion of the project is scheduled for autumn this year. Aquadyne will then begin supplying the new product to users requiring its capabilities for tasks such as pipeline or cable route surveys, in which the location of rocks or boulders is needed, or for applications requiring the detection of fluid mud layers and sediment structures.

Last updated: 02/06/2020