First Use of TRIAXYS Next Wave II Sensor - 04/10/2013

International engineering and project management company AMEC (UK) will be the first company to receive the TRIAXYS Next Wave II sensor integrated into its WatchMate met-ocean monitoring buoy. The TRIAXYS Next Wave II has recently been released as the new wave sensor for measuring directional waves and motion. Major improvements include: reduced power consumption by nearly half, significant reduction in the sensor size and weight, and an increase in wave data accuracy and resolution.

AMEC will be using the WatchMate 1.8 DM buoy to receive comprehensive environmental data, which will support marine construction operations. The WatchMate will transmit directional waves, current profile, sea surface temperature, salinity, wind (speed and direction), atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, and air temperature. The data will be sent to AMEC in real-time via cell phone and satellite telemetries.

Bruce Batstone, Eastern Canada Sector Leader, Energy Oil & Gas for AMEC’s Environment & Infrastructure business, is pleased to be AXYS’s launch customer for the TRIAXYS Next Wave II sensor. The company has used AXYS wave monitoring products since June 2000 and he anticipates that the lower power and size of the sensor, coupled with its increased accuracies, will be of benefit to its cold-latitude environmental monitoring programmes.

Last updated: 17/01/2021