Fledermaus Mid-Water Visualisation and ESRI Integration - 01/02/2010

Fledermaus Version 7 will improve integration with ESRI. This workflow with the ESRI Arc integration is to eliminate the need to export or import between the two platforms. Particular interest and discussions surrounded the Fledermaus mid-water visualisation tools to be released.


Moe Doucet, Chief Systems Architect for IVS 3D, reflected on the response and feedback from the AGU meeting where the improvements were presented and discussed with users first. "This type of direct interaction with our users is crucial in our development process. We came away with insights into workflow challenges that will help our team to continue to develop innovative solutions within the Fledermaus software suites. The analysis of plumes is just one example of the emerging uses for the mid-water tools."

Last updated: 24/01/2021