Flemish Hydrography Continues Survey Operations in Priority Areas - 25/03/2020

Flemish Hydrography of the Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services (Belgium) has taken preventive measures to ensure the safety of its staff and to fulfil its social and economic responsibilities. Using modern ICT tools, all office-based staff are now working from home, says Koen Vanstaen, director of Flemish Hydrography.

Hydrographic Survey Operations

Hydrographic survey operations have been halted for non-urgent areas or where it was not possible to maintain social distancing guidelines, but continue in priority areas to keep ports and harbours open for business. Thanks to our dedicated staff and partners across the agency and government, Flemish Hydrography continues to publish and update Notices to Mariners, Paper and Electronic Nautical Charts and high-density electronic charts for pilots.

Smooth and Safe Shipping

The Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services continues to monitor the situation and will respond to the latest advice from the Flemish and Belgian authorities. Agency-wide scenarios have been developed and a special task force has been established by Minister Lydia Peeters with partners across the nautical chain to explore how smooth and safe shipping can continue during this challenging period.

Last updated: 25/02/2021