Free Sensor Workshop - 16/07/2010

The free workshop 14th Biennial Challenger Conference for Marine Science Challenger 2010: "Microfluidics and Sensor Technology for Oceonographic and Environmental Science Applications" is to be held in the Centre for Marine Microsystems at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, UK on the 10th September 2010.

This workshop will facilitate to learn about exciting developments in microfludics and sensor technology and awareness of how these technologies will impact future oceanographic research. Current sensor systems for ocean biogeochemistry are mostly large expensive devices requiring expert operation and intervention. However, widespread multi-parametric measurements are often precluded due to their large size and high cost for mass production and deployment. Development of miniaturised multi-parametric metrology sensors for ocean deployment could thus make a significant impact in this field. Microfluidic devices provide unique opportunities for high resolution spatial and temporal analysis of ocean samples.

Speakers include Prof. Chris Scholin, the director of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (USA) and the principle investigator behind the Environmental Sample Processor, Prof. John Paul (USF, USA) who has led the development of sensors for microbial detection and gene expression in the oceans , Dr. Renauld Vuillemin (CNRS, France) who has developed and deployed a multiparametric microfluidic chemical sensors, Prof. Gillian Greenway (University of Hull, UK) who led pioneering work on nutrient sensing in lab-on-a-chip platforms, and Dr. Ralf Prien (Rostock, Germany) who is a leading authority on oceanographic sensor systems including in hydrothermal vent applications. A full programme is available on our website.

NOC is ranked in the top ten of the world's research institutions in geosciences and first in oceanography. The workshop is targeted to a generalist audience as an introduction to this new field. PhD students, technologists and postdoctoral researchers are cordially invited to submit a poster before 27th August 2010 with a GBP200 award by Chelsea Technologies Group for the best poster at the workshop. A wine reception sponsored by Ocean Business 2011 will conclude the event.

Registration is free. The maximum capacity is 120 delegates so please register early to avoid disappointment.

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