Fugro Conducts Large-scale Bathymetry Survey in India

Fugro Conducts Large-scale Bathymetry Survey in India

India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has commissioned Fugro to carry out a bathymetric survey along the Andhra Pradesh coast in south-eastern India. The survey will facilitate the Indian government’s plans to develop and manage the exclusive economic zone to benefit the coastal community and protect marine living resources. The data will also be used for a range of scientific research projects and coastal resilience studies, such as the assessment of coastal vulnerabilities and geohazard potential and ocean climate change.

The six-month project started in November 2021. Fugro will survey around 56,000 line kilometres of coastline in total, collecting bathymetric data in water depths between the high tide line and 30m.

Jet Ski Equipped with DGPS and Single-beam Echo Sounder

To gather information about the seabed, Fugro’s specialist team is using a shallow-water boat equipped with a dual frequency echo sounder and a differential global positioning system (DGPS) for data acquisition. For safe and efficient surveying in very shallow water (up to 5m) and the surf zone area, the Fugro team will a use jet ski equipped with DGPS and a single-beam echo sounder. Real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) technology is being used for the topography survey.

Dr G.A. Ramadass, NIOT director, said: “We are very keen to maximize the benefits of Fugro’s innovative technologies, which will deliver high levels of data quality and accuracy.” Mr Bibhu Nayak, Fugro country manager in India, said: “We are honoured to be part of this prestigious project, which will help strengthen our relationship with the NIOT.”

Fugro surveyors surveying onboard.