Fugro Orders Geo-equipment - 19/11/2004

Fugro Survey has taken delivery of a further four dual-frequency side-scan systems from sonar manufacturer GeoAcoustics. Two systems were delivered to their Middle East operations centre in Abu Dhabi, whilst the other two systems were destined for projects based in Egypt. The system offers high-resolution, switch selectable, dual frequency operation (114/410kHz) which in combination with multiplexed data transmission enables use of a low-drag co-axial tow cable.
Fugro has also ordered six GeoPrinters. Since 2001 more than a hundred GeoPrinters have been delivered worldwide. A liquid crystal display shows the printer status at all times. A top-mounted keypad allows quick access to operator settable parameters such as the selection of plastic, fibre or transparent recording paper and a built-in set of diagnostic test patterns are operator-selectable from the front panel.

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