Fugro Performs Large AUV Survey - 11/09/2013

A large AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) survey in the oil and gas industry forms a core element of two contracts awarded to Fugro that also include metocean measurements and geohazard consultancy services for Eni East Africa. The data is being captured for the Area 4 Rovuma basin development offshore northern Mozambique.

The challenging AUV survey is according to Fugro the largest ever commissioned and one of the first in this new and remote frontier area off the coast of East Africa. Fugro is providing hull-mounted reconnaissance and AUV detailed data from the development area. The data will aid the design of subsea facilities.

From shore to deepwater

Covering approximately 1,440 square kilometres, the survey area stretches from the nearshore to deepwater (depths greater than 2,700 metres). The work is being carried out using one of Fugro’s newest survey vessels, the MV Fugro Equator, which is equipped with hull-mounted multibeam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler, piston gravity corer and piezocone penetration system, in addition to the Echo Surveyor III AUV.

Pipeline route survey

Meteorological and oceanographic measurements are collected using mooring buoys located in water depths ranging from 20 to 1,800 metres. To assist in the routing of the 60-kilometre export pipeline, Fugro completed a regional and local geohazard assessment, including data processing and reporting, from its offices in Europe and Asia.

Last updated: 27/11/2020