Fugro Seminar on Role of Geoscience in Coastal and River Development - 26/10/2018

Fugro’s one-day seminar, ‘Geo-Intelligence for Coastal Infrastructure’, taking place in Wallingford, UK, on 15 November will have a focus on Cutting edge site investigation for nearshore development. A team of Fugro experts will discuss current approaches to data acquisition and interpretation to meet the complex challenges of energy, transport, and other developments at coastal, port, and river sites.

Delegates will be updated on the benefits of an integrated approach to environmental, geotechnical and geophysical surveys to build a comprehensive and cost-effective understanding of conditions above and below the surface. Speakers will also explain the benefits of data sharing via dynamic online platforms - facilitating slicker decision-making on design and construction for marine and river development.

With reference to recent projects, Fugro will highlight the value of early partnering for innovative site assessment and ensuing benefits to risk management, including improved safety, cost, and programme performance.

Offering vital insight for asset owners, consultants, and contractors, the free event will feature a tour of one of Europe’s most advanced geotechnical laboratories. Contact Amy Bennett for further details (a.bennett@fugro.com) or register online at www.fugro.com/coastal18.

Last updated: 07/09/2020