Further Fansweep 20 System for China - 09/04/2004

ATLAS Hydrographic has received an order from the Changjiang Waterway Bureau in Wuhan for delivery and installation of a 200 kHz Atlas Fansweep 20 shallow water multibeam system combining bathymetric and sidescan imaging functions, which will be used for survey operations in the Yangtse River.
The system is being supplied together with NovAtel Differential GPS and VT TSS MAHRS Surface Meridian Attitude & Heading reference system facilities in addition to an Atlas SVP 20 sound velocity profiler. Support software comprises an Atlas Hydromap LINUX-based online module together with CARIS HIPS and SIPS Professional for offline post-processing operations.
Installation of the complete assembly, including training and setting-to-work, is being carried out under the auspices of ATLAS Hydrographic’s Cairns-based division in Australia.

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