Geo Maritime Links Maritime Professions - 14/05/2012

Geo Maritime aims to bring together the international maritime community including representatives from IMO, EU and UKHO as well as delegations from the NATO, Royal Navies, Maritime Safety Administrations and Coast Guard operations. Delegates will discuss how maritime geospatial information can be best exploited to meet the needs of all maritime stakeholders. The event will take place from 13 to 14 June 2012 in London, UK.

Key issues to be discussed are understanding and complying with S100, E-NAV and INSPIRE, and the move from paper to digital, effectively collecting, disseminating, storage and sharing of data. Other angles are breaking down barriers and current approaches to enable data to be collected once in a format that can be effectively shared between all maritime stakeholders, collecting data in the most cost-efficient way and which technologies can really reduce costs without compromising quality, geospatial information capabilities in maritime security, surveillance and monitoring operations, and how do military and civilian agencies leverage each others' geospatial infrastructures. 

The conference is to take place at Etc Venues, St Pauls, London, UK.

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