Georeferencing and Time Tagging - 18/05/2006

Cadden has launched a device that synchronises data from different sensors in UTC (Universal Time Clock) time and space. It integrates high-precision GPS positioning, data acquisition and measurement synchronisation functions in a single device. Its communication ports allow for logging and time tagging many types of data with millisecond accuracy. Depending on the measurement programme to be carried out, the system can be connected to one or more external sensors such as a motion or attitude sensor, a gyrocompass, an inclinometer, an odometer, etc. The device is lightweight (1.2 kg) and compact (18 x 10 x 4.5 cm) enough to be easily moved around by users or fitted on board light vehicles. Thinity looks at a wide range of applications: trajectory analysis, vehicle guidance or navigation, geodesy, environmental surveying, construction works monitoring, etc.
Trinity is the result of a successful partnership between Cadden (who devised the original concept) and Synervia (a French regional player whose vocation is to promote technology transfers as part of innovative projects). The company considers that it will be able to market several dozens of its ’intelligent GPS units’ from this year onwards, both in France and abroad.

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