GMGS ROV for Trials - 31/12/2008

Amidst -3°C temperature and snow, ISE commenced trials and testing on the China Geological Survey ROV for its first test dive in the ISE pool. Named "Sea Lion", the ROV is an ISE HYSUB 130HP ROV scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2009. Sea Lion is the first ROV for Guangzhou Marine Geology Survey (GMGS), a division of China's Ministry of Land and Resources.


It has a depth rating of 4000 metres, suitable for reaching the depths required for the mineral exploration the vehicle is designed to perform. The Sea Lion ROV comes equipped with eight hydraulic thrusters, two ISE Magnum manipulators, six cameras, and a full sensor package.  Unique to the ROV is a 4000m rated hyperbaric clathrate bucket designed to collect hydrate cores containing methane gasses. The skid mounted bucket maintains the required pressure and temperature conditions similar to the hydrate's geophysical environment.


Sea Lion's propulsion system has been tested, along with a newly formed power management optimisation system. Production is on schedule, and Factory Acceptance Testing will be completed in the next few weeks.



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