GNSS Symposium - 26/06/2008

Land of Berlin, the EUPOS Steering Committee, the International Committee of Global Navigation Satelllite Systems and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs are organising a symposium on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Space-based and Ground-based Augmentation Systems and applications. The symposium will take place from 11 to 14 November 2008 in the Berlin Rathaus (City Hall).


Topics of the symposium are

  • GNSS providers and global ground-based services and analyses
  • Regional reference systems
  • Quality Assurance, Improvement of DGNSS and RTK
  • Public and private services and activities
  • Applications
  • Companies


The Symposium will be accompanied by a trade exhibhition. Exhibitors may have their say in the Companies session.


The organisation is calling for papers. Abstracts can be sumbitted by 18 July 2008 by e-mail to Gerd Rosenthal.


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