GPS Compass Board - 21/07/2008

Hemisphere GPS' LV100 is a complete GPS compass and positioning assembly utilising a unique design featuring a single carrier board with integrated GPS antennas, designed for easy integration by OEM customers.

The LV100 integrates two GPS antennas, an NMEA 2000 communication processor, a single axis gyro, a tilt sensor, and a power supply into a single system. The dual integrated antennas provide both heading and position data, and the gyro and tilt sensor improve system performance and provide backup heading information, if the GPS-based heading is ever lost.  The Crescent technology provides highly accurate code phase management and outstanding multipath mitigation resulting in excellent accuracy and stability. 
The LV100 GPS Compass Board is ideal for a wide array of applications, especially in the marine, machine control and precision agriculture markets. An alternative to traditional gyro and fluxgate compass sensors, it provides precise positioning and speed measurements while being immune to magnetic interference typically present on vessels. The LV100 costs less than marine gyros and unlike other sensors, requires no maintenance or calibration. The GPS COAST technology makes the LV100 is less affected by blocked or weak differential GPS (DGPS) signals, or other signal interference, because COAST can utilise older DGPS correction data for up to 40 minutes without significantly affecting the positioning quality.



Last updated: 25/09/2020