Greensea ROV Operating System Contributed to USS 'Indianapolis' Discovery - 15/09/2017

Vulcan Inc. has utilised Greensea technology in its recent historic discovery of the USS 'Indianapolis' at 5,500m in the Philippine Sea. Greensea’s OPENSEA universal marine industry operating platform provided a unified, integrated system and supervised autonomy for the Vulcan ROV during its mission to confirm and document the wreckage of the WWII vessel.

Greensea technology provided control for the ROV and helped create operational efficiencies for the pilots. Robert Kraft, director of subsea operations for Vulcan experienced Greensea’s OPENSEA control system as crucial to the success for extreme deep diving operations. 

Features essential to streamlining the mission’s operations included:

  • An automated ascent and descent winch control system that allowed the pilots to set a desired vehicle depth and automatically descend or ascend to that level.
  • An automated black box that turned on and off when the vehicle entered and exited the water, providing a comprehensive recording of the mission’s telemetry data, for both the AUV and the ROV.
  • Synchronized pilot and co-pilot chairs with touchscreen displays that supported simultaneous operation of lights, cameras, and hydraulics, while enabling vehicle control to be switched between pilots.
  • A multi-vehicle user interface.


Last updated: 23/01/2021