High-performance OEM GNSS Sensor for System Integrators - 10/04/2017

Trimble has introduced the Trimble ABX-Two OEM GNSS sensor. The ABX-Two delivers precise heading, pitch, roll and 3D positioning information. With two internal MB-Two modules, the ABX-Two offers a third antenna option that provides a drift-free, absolute attitude solution. The ABX-Two is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction and marine systems.

The ABX-Two is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof enclosure that is built around two MB-Two modules. The sensor allows a wide range of voltage inputs and maintains low-power consumption regardless of the voltage. The ABX-Two speeds the integration process with a web user interface and a variety of interface connections for an easy addition into new and existing solutions.

The ABX-Two has a powerful RTK engine that delivers centimetre-level accuracy from a base station or Real- Time Kinematic (RTK) network. With Trimble RTX correction services, the ABX-Two achieves Precise Point Positioning without a base station.

The ABX-Two features a wide range of option-upgradable GNSS configurations from single sensor/single frequency/single GNSS to multi sensor/multi frequency/multi GNSS capability. Trimble’s patented Z-Blade technology drives a powerful GNSS agnostic engine, allowing the ABX-Two to use any single GNSS satellite system for positioning without any constellation preference to deliver fast and stable centimetre-accurate positioning and heading information.

The announcement was made at Ocean Business 2017, an international event for ocean technology.

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