High Resolution Lightweight Underwater Laser Scanner for ROV/AUVs

High Resolution Lightweight Underwater Laser Scanner for ROV/AUVs

Newton Labs, the world’s largest manufacturer of underwater laser scanners, has introduced the PL3200UW-LW underwater laser scanner. Weighting 5kg, this lightweight fixed line underwater laser scanner is specifically designed for capturing high resolution metrology data deployed on AUV and ROV submersibles.

The PL3200UW-LW expands on Newton’s  high resolution laser scanning product line, perfect for underwater metrology and IRM.

Other characteristics:

  • accurately captures dimensions, sea floor measurements, corrosion and other as-built features;
  • depth rated to 3,200m and designed specifically for AUV and small ROV Deployment
  • Current Draw-Less than 1 AMP at 24VDC
  • 10m scanning range
  • Live camera view allows operator to set scanning region of interest.
  • Scanning range between 1.5-10 metres
  • Data available instantly

The PL3200UW-LW easily interfaces with IMU devices, either integral to the ROV/AUV or exterior IMU systems and join the PL4000UW for subsea deployment. The scanner draws its power from the MUX or ROV/AUV and only requires 24VDC and GigEthernet from the AUV/ROV/MUX.


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