Houston Sees Saab Seaeye Expand - 04/09/2017

Saab Seaeye is further expanding its operations in Houston, USA. This comes as interest grows in the region for Saab Seaeye’s smart robotic systems. Offshore operators and other users of underwater vehicles are seeing savings coming from Saab Seaeye’s robotic technology. Houston-based sales manager, Chris Roper, says growing interest has led the company to expand their operations to include engineering support ready to provide a strong local resource for the growing number of systems and customers in the region.

Miniaturisation and other technological developments make the new generation of vehicles smaller and more powerful, with intelligent control systems. They are ready and able to undertake a wide range of tasks whilst mastering turbulent waters such as the strong Gulf Loop Current – and stay on task much longer than other systems.

Operators report that the smaller size and lower overall cost of the company’s work system is bringing savings of up to 40% over comparable hydraulic systems.

Last updated: 27/02/2018