HTMV Solutions for Offshore - 31/03/2017

One of the great challenges for cables in offshore applications is the combination of high temperatures, harsh environments and high voltages. The demands put on the materials are intense and the need for longevity in offshore doesn't make it any easier. Habia Cables’ new HTMV (High Temperature - Medium Voltage) range enables smarter and more economical solutions in different applications, such as heating cables and power cables for pipelines, pumps and ROVs.

Habia Cables use fluoropolymers to attain higher temperature and chemical resistance than traditional XLPE-based insulation systems.

Some of the development challenges included three layer bonding of the materials and splicing with zero tolerance for air bubbles. Benefits like higher operating temperature, higher power transfer and longer lifetime are the results. It makes new applications possible and will allow a reduction in conductor and cable dimension while reducing downtime and cost for replacement cables in harsh environments.

It has been very rewarding to see that testing at the Norwegian test institute Sintef has validated these claims.

For more information on our HTMV solution, visit stand W5 at Ocean Business or get in touch with a local Habia representative.

Last updated: 23/02/2020