Hydrographic Academy Students Experience SeaBat T50-P - 22/06/2016

As part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Hydrography course, students at The Hydrographic Academy, UK, participated in field activities to gain practical experience and understanding. Teledyne RESON joined these students in their marine station on the historic waterside for a week in order to train them in working with the SeaBat T50-P multibeam echosounder and Teledyne PDS software.

The students were taught how to operate and configure the SeaBat T50-P as well as the Teledyne PDS software programmes with all auxiliary sensors. These students then set out to perform a multibeam patch test and small survey in the Plymouth basin. The students got to experience and work with the latest features like multi detect, configurable beam forming and saturation monitoring, to name a few.

Course leader Brian Gamet sees the SeaBat T50-P multibeam as an evolution from the SeaBat 7125-SV2 and the group liked the data quality and the fact that known shortcomings have been properly addressed, such as backscatter. One recent student was delighted to work with this kit at sea in a practical way as his company is currently in the process of purchasing an example for his work.


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