Hydrographic Engineering Conference in Portugal - 20/02/2012

From 20th to 22nd of June 2012, the week which includes World Hydrography Day, a Hydrographic Engineering Conference is to take place in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference is intended to provide an open space for the scietific and technical community involved in hydrography and those who interact closely with hydrography, in particular related to navigation, geology, marine data management and marine chemistry.


Abstracts can be submitted until 2nd March 2012 to jornadas2012@hidrografico.pt. Paper topics can cover hydrographic processes, hydrographic cartography, methods for safety of navigation, operational oceanography, physical oceanography, geological oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine geology, geographic information systems and data management, marine environment, technologies marine and oceanographic engineering. The conference programme will be announced on 5th April 2012.

Last updated: 26/09/2017