Hydrography Training for 5 Angolan Officers - 11/04/2017

In an effort to contribute to hydrographic capacity building and consequently to the safety of navigation in Angola, the Portuguese Navy invited the Inter-ministerial Commission for the Delimitation and Demarcation of Maritime Areas of Angola to send up to five students to the Hydrographic Technical Course. The Portuguese Navy also offered to support the costs related to tuition fees, food and accommodation.

This course, which began on 19 September 2016, had a total of nine students: five Angolan Navy officers and four sergeants of the Portuguese Navy. It is currently in the final phase of its curricular component. With a strong practical component, the projects phase and the internship in the Hydrographic Brigade, with a duration of 14 weeks, are about to begin. This final phase aims to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the modules of the curricular component, more theoretical.

The Hydrographic Technical Course of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute - School of Hydrography and Oceanography has a programme recognised by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the International Cartographic Association (ICA) as being in compliance with the standards of competence for category B, established by the International Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC).

The School of Hydrography and Oceanography has also a Specialization Course in Hydrography recognized with the highest level (Category A). Both courses, taught in Portuguese, may also be attended by national and international civilians. Since 1977, his courses have already been attended by 73 international students, being 62 of them from the African Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Last updated: 22/03/2018