Hydromagic Adds Current Tide Level Calculation - 29/05/2013

Eye4Software’s hydrographic survey package, Hydromagic version 5.1, has been released. The software maps the bottom of a river, pond or ocean in 3D by using a (D)GPS or RTK positioning system combined with an echo sounder or fish finder. This version supports real-time calculation of the current tide level by using a RTK receiver connected to the PC.

The tide is calculated using the antenna height, antenna offset and a geoid model. The tide level is then applied to the sounding, resulting in a height value relative to the local vertical datum.

Another addition is the possible use of OpenStreetMap, Google Maps or Bing maps for background maps. In cases where an official CAD drawing of the area is not available, just select the boundaries of your project to load satellite imagery or a streetmap.

The software supports multiple map formats, including some nautical map formats, such as S57/S63 ENC and GIS formats like GeoTIFF, ESRI Shape and Mapinfo files. CAD drawings generated with either Microstation or AutoCAD (DXF) can also be used.

Once data acquisition has been completed, the sounding can, if needed, be filtered and corrected using the built-in sounding editor.

The corrected sounding can be used to generate a number of final products, like a digital terrain model or DTM, volume calculation, cross sections, depth contours, Google Earth overlay, DXF CAD file and more.

The software is shipped with more than 5000 built-in local map projections, which allows to use it at almost any place on Earth.

Last updated: 08/04/2020