HydroSpatial 2 International Marine Base Map - 14/06/2012

SeaZone’s HydroSpatial 2 Base is available ‘off the shelf’ for 40% of the world ocean. HydroSpatial 2 Base is the foundation layer in the HydroSpatial 2 family. It is a marine reference map incorporating large-scale, authoritatively sourced, marine geographic datasets. The content is processed to form a continuous vector layer dataset, with a structured and defined feature and attribute model.

HydroSpatial 2 Base is a consistent and seamless marine base map that is applicable to an offshore renewables project in the Americas, an energy project in Africa or Marine Spatial Planning in Europe.  It meets the requirements for a globally consistent product containing a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, set of features to support marine planning decisions, to be used in conjunction with existing data or data.

HydroSpatial 2 Base has been developed starting with SeaZone HydroSpatial with a worldwide coverage. This product has been re-engineered bottom-up,  including an enhanced data model, allowing for intuitive feature filtering; geoprocessing and spatial analysis to create customised data outputs and map views. It is available for regions where content is captured to scales greater than or equal to 1:1,500,000. That equates (as of April 2012) to around 82,000 tiles around the world or 40 per cent of the world ocean.

A wide range of GIS Formats is supported as standard so although the product there shouldn’t be a need to upgrade an existing GIS to use the data. HydroSpatial 2 Base includes a feature catalogue enabling a user to get more out of the data. It is a reference of all the objects in HydroSpatial 2 Base and it can be browsed and searched to find a given feature and its associated definition. It is supplied with a full metadata record compliant with ISO19115/39 standards and consistent with the metadata discovery profiles of Inspire, Gemini2 and Medin.

Last updated: 28/08/2020