HYPACK 2014 Automates and Simplifies - 16/12/2013

The software package HYPACK 2014 is to be introduced at the HYPACK Training Event in January 2014 and will be available for release in February 2014. The theme in HYPACK 2014 appears to be 'automate and simplify' and the major enhancements in HYPACK 2014 include a new shell look, automatic background searches, automatic MTX creation in Hypack Survey (image), a new magnetometer editing programme and a simplified worksflow by merging HYSWEEP, HYPACK and sidescan software.

The HYPACK Shell has undergone a facelift. The program has more of a web base feel and easier to navigate through. Few of the great options Drag and Drop; Easy Access to Project Manager; Multi select files and Automatically Get Maps from Web Servers. The HYPACK SHELL can automatically go out to web map servers to get background files. These will be high or low resolution for the USA (making use of USDA maps). Outside the USA only low-res maps are available.

HYPACK 2014 creates create MTX files “on-the-fly” to show the multibeam coverage, regardless of where the vessel transits. The matrix does not need to be created in advance.

New Magnetometer Editor

After years of using the HYPACK single beam editor to process the mag data, a new mag programmed called MAGEDIT has been developed. This is a standard tool included in HYPACK 2014. It supports stand-alone magnetometers; stand-alone magnetometers with IGRF corrections and sea magnetometer with shore-based magnetometer, both with IGRF corrections.

The program calculates diurnal anomalies and creates an Edited ALL format file that can be plotted or exported using the standard HYPACK programmes.

Simplified Hardware Programme

In HYPACK 2014, the equipment configuration has been simplified by merging Hypack, Hysweep & Side Scan Hardware. This allows setup all equipment under one common hardware programme.

One of the themes in HYPACK 2014 is “automate”. This program is another example. It will automatically generate plotting sheets, channel condition reports and S-57 overlays. Users will be able to go from editing files to a GeoPDF plotting sheet with a few clicks.

Enhanced Topographic Laser Systems Support is no longer restricted to the 1440 point limit. This allows to log the data recorded by multibeam and laser scanners simultaneously and create spectacular 3D images in real time.

Other features in HYPACK 2014 include

  • MBMAX-64 with CUBE Integrate
  • 3D TIN Adjustment for viewing vertical structures and 64 bit TIN
  • New Routines for Marine Construction
  • An Integrated Hydrographic Data Base
  • New drivers in HYPACK – Sonardyne, Novatel
  • New drivers in HYSWEEP – dual head logging for EM2040, R2Sonic and MB1; added Klein 3500, Imagenex DT100

The HYPACK 2014 release CD will be distributed in February 2014 to all users subscribed to the HYPACK Maintenance Plan and it will also available become available for downloading.

Last updated: 07/03/2021