Hypack Sub-bottom Software Simpler to Set Up

Hypack Sub-bottom Software Simpler to Set Up

Hypack is pleased to announce the release of our new Hypack Sub-bottom Profiling Software. The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model and a simplified hardware setup with the ability to setup up the preferred positioning systems together with numerous analogue and digital sub-bottom profiling systems.

This is a software package designed for the acquisition and processing of sub-bottom profiling data. The software is used for marine geophysical, engineering and geotechnical site surveys, dredging, mining applications. It’s a simple to use, feature-rich software solution for all your sub-bottom profiling survey requirements.

Key Features:

  • Interfaces to both analogue and most digital sub-bottom profiling systems.
  • Ability to process SEG-Y & JSF data formats.
  • Advanced routines to process a variety of sub-bottom profiling datasets.
  • Full featured interpretation tools and export to 3D fence diagrams.
  • Low cost
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