ICH Metadata Web Portal Goes Live (5-3-2004) - 05/03/2004

The Integrated Coastal Hydrography (ICH) project has created a web based portal which allows users to search for information (in the form of metadata – data about data) on existing and planned coastal surveys. Users can browse the metadata for a number of different data types, e.g. Bathymetric and topographic surveys. The user can also undertake text and graphical searches of the metadata. The mapping interface will have standard GIS tools and some defined and bespoke searches of the underlying database. Once the required metadata of interest has been identified, the results of the search can be added to an e-mail and forwarded directly to the data holder from within the site. Data holders will then be able to agree their own terms for releasing the data. Organisations involved in coastal survey are able to upload metadata of their recent or forthcoming surveys to the website, presenting an opportunity for the coastal zone monitoring community to explore possibilities for collaboration in forthcoming surveys, and thereby potential reduction in costs.

Last updated: 23/01/2021