IHO presents first-ever hydrographic excellence award winner

IHO presents first-ever hydrographic excellence award winner

Professionalism, dedication, profound knowledge, expertise and kindness are just a few of the words used to describe the winner of the new Ex Abyssis ad Alta – IHO Award for Hydrographic Excellence. In celebration of World Hydrography Day, the IHO has announced Yves Guillam as this year’s award recipient.

Mr Guillam is currently completing a ten-year term as assistant director of the IHO. His distinguished career has included roles such as engineer at SHOM, staff officer in a NATO Strategic Command and deputy hydrographer of France (SHOM). This impressive resumé does not even cover all of his contributions to the international hydrographic community.

Mr Guillam has been actively involved in IHO bodies and other international activities at technical, operational and strategic levels for many years. His vast knowledge and experience have greatly benefited the IHO and the global community, especially through his continuous leadership and guidance.

Shining star

In a statement, the IHO said: “Mr Guillam is a unique blend of wisdom, kindness and humility, and always ready to support his colleagues. At the IHO Secretariat, we are thrilled that the award board selected him as the first recipient, a sentiment echoed by the member states who nominated him.”

“Mr Guillam is one of the most dedicated colleagues that the team at the Hydrographic Institute of Croatia has ever worked with. He represents all the values that an IHO representative should have – he is professional, positive and passionate about his work. His charisma and kindness make him exactly what he represents to us – a shining star of the IHO community," Vinka Kolic Bubic, national hydrographer of Croatia said.

“Thanks to his vast expertise, he has supported without distinction all the chairs who have succeeded one another over the last ten years with suggestions and advice always to the highest value, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the Mediterranean and Black Sea region,” Lucian Grigorescu, national hydrographer of Romania, added.

Ten candidates were nominated for the award this year by 11 member states. The recipient was selected by an award board, composed of the chair of the IHO Council, the chair of HSSC, the chair of IRCC and the two IHO directors. 

Yves Guillam is the recipient of the inaugural Ex Abyssis ad Alta – IHO Award for Hydrographic Excellence.
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