IHO Seeks Feedback On Publication S-44 - 02/06/2011

The current edition of S-44 - IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys was adopted in February 2008. The organisation wants to determine whether S-44 requires review or revision, as well as any need to include new or additional material that reflects contemporary or emerging requirements. This feedback can then be considered by the IHO Standards and Services Committee (HSSC) that next meets in November 2011.

If there is a requirement, the HSSC will re-convene its S-44 Working Group to carry out the revision process.


In the case of S-44, the IFHS, its affiliated societies and other Hydrographic Societies contain a significant proportion of S-44 users and stakeholders in their ranks. As a consequence, this letter seeks assistance from those societies to obtain feedback on S-44 from their members - either individually or collectively, as is most convenient.


Feedback is requested under the following broad headings: Which parts of the existing S-44 standard require review and updating? In what way do they need updating? Should standardised procedures be established and included in S-44 that enable survey and positioning sensors and systems to be tested and/or verified as meeting the requirements of S-44? Is there a requirement to establish an IHO data transfer standard for hydrographic surveying data, including bathymetry, sonar and tides? If YES, are there any other data domains to be considered?


Input is requested as soon as is convenient, and should be sent to the Secretariat of the IHO at the International Hydrographic Bureau in Monaco. The email address is: info@ihb.mc . Submissions need to reach the IHB before the beginning of September if they are to be considered by the HSSC.

If the S-44 working Group is re-established, there will be an opportunity for the IFHS through its delegates to participate directly in the S-44 Working Group. This is because the IFHS is a Non Governmental International Organisation accredited with the IHO.


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