Imagenex Adds Sonar and Sensor Interface Relay - 23/08/2013

Imagenex has released the Model 878 high-resolution sidescan sonar which runs two sonars simultaneously on each side at different sound wavelengths for enhanced image clarity. The new DT100 Sensor Interface Relay (SIR) provides a central connection point for bathymetric sensors including sonar (1 or 2 units), GPS, MRU, gyro/heading, and sound velocity. The DT100 multibeam echo sounder has been revised.

The sidescan sonar Model 878 'RGB' (triple simultaneous frequencies) has undergone a facelift and become more affordable. Both models are equipped with an optional echo sounder and a built-in orientation module as well as depth and temperature sensors.

Powered by AC or DC, the DT100 SIR box provides DC operating voltages for each of the user’s sensors. Sensor messages are time stamped and stored at their native update rates with a timestamp accuracy of 100 microseconds.

The DT100 multibeam echo sounder reaches a new performance level in the DT101, a single instrument integrating sonar, motion reference unit (MRU) and sound velocity sensor into one compact unit. The DT101 requires one cable for operating all three sensors.

Last updated: 09/08/2020