iNavX Brings AIS Live Coverage to Mobile Devices - 15/05/2018

iNavX, the mobile marine navigation application, has announced the launch of iNavX AIS Live. Available on both iOS and Android versions of iNavX, iNavX AIS Live connects a user’s mobile device to the AIS Live global network of antennas. Real-time ship movements are broadcast to the iNavX app and overlaid directly on the chart. Offering boaters peace of mind, AIS Live provides instant access to AIS data, making ships in the immediate vicinity visible without the need for a radar or AIS transponder.

“Adding AIS functionality without the need for a transponder is something truly distinctive and a key differentiator for us,”said Shaun Steingold, CEO, NavX Studios. “The benefit this functionality gives boaters is incredible. We are offering our users the same peace of mind as a multifunction display networked with an AIS transponder. These devices together cost thousands of dollars, and generally have to be installed by a professional. Now, iNavX lets you tap a button and you get AIS data overlaid on your favorite chart with no installation or other equipment needed.”

Handheld marine navigation

iNavX AIS Live’s growing network coverage extends from Europe to North America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Far East with more antenna stations added all the time. The iNavX AIS Live overlay requires a data connection to connect to the service, either via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The radius of the AIS data provided is 30 nautical miles from the device position or selected waypoint.

A handheld solution for marine navigation, iNavX allows users to find their location using the mobile device’s GPS, as well as plotting course, bearing and waypoints. The app includes access to the broadest collection of charts from leading chart providers including Navionics, Fugawi, NV Charts, Explorer and Waterway Guide. Theyr Weather, an optional service, provides a slick graphical overlay for all weather information that any mariner would want. GRIB forecasts and weather overlays can easily be downloaded and displayed on the app as well.

Last updated: 28/11/2020