Industry Professionals Needed

Industry Professionals Needed

Following the success of the inaugural three-day Ocean Careers event held in 2009, Intelligent Exhibition is to run Ocean Careers alongside Ocean Business from 5th to 7th April 2011 in Southampton, UK. Professionals within the industry from a varied range of job functions are invited to meet with the students, not just senior managers but young recent recruits as well.

The objective of the event is to highlight the careers and job opportunities available within the marine science and ocean technology sector and show the students how their skills can be utilised in this vast, exciting and extremely diverse industry.

Ocean Careers is targeted at students studying engineering, science or mathematics as well as to those students that have already opted to study marine related subjects. It is hoped that students will be encouraged to broaden their horizons and look at transferring their skills to this industry that has seen unprecedented and continuing growth.

Dynamic, personable individuals who can spare 30mins to take part in either the one-on-one speed networking sessions and/or do a group presentation on the qualifications required for a specific job, the lifestyle that goes with it or future opportunities are invited to contact the organisers:, phone +44 (0) 01444 414503.

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